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I had such a wonderful time working with Sienna! She wanted something vibrant and fun for her photoshoot, with an urban/industrial setting. Sienna was super fun to photograph, totally adventurous and up for anything. Here are a few favorites from the session.

Name: Sienna C
High school: St. Mary’s Academy

portland senior photos_0016portland senior photos_0018Favorite things to do: Sing, shop, listen to musicportland senior photos_0017

portland senior photos_0019portland senior photos_0020Three words to describe yourself: Spontaneous, Genuine, and Sassy
portland senior photos_0010portland senior photos_0012portland senior photos_0011What are you looking forward to most for Senior year? Applying to colleges and getting even closer to my class.

portland senior photos_0013portland senior photos_0014portland senior photos_0008
What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? My biggest accomplishment, thought it not only impacted me, was when our school choir became the first women’s choir to win Oregon’s state competition. It was the most amazing and surreal moment.

portland senior photos_0009portland senior photos_0007portland senior photos_0006
What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? The overall photoshoot was great! I loved the area where we were and after getting more comfortable, we got some great shots.

portland senior photos_0004portland senior photos_0002portland senior photos_0003portland senior photos_0001Thanks for sharing, Sienna! Can’t wait for you to see your senior album and prints – it’s all going to be so pretty!

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Picking a yearbook photo is a lot of pressure. It’s the photo you’ll be remembered by for many years to come, so you really have to love it! During our photoshoot I’ll take 200+ images. Afterwards, I’ll narrow them down carefully and pick out only the best to show you. As I’m going through the images, I get a pretty good idea of which photos deserve framing, which ones pair together nicely for an album spread, and which ones say “omg I made it!!” for your graduation announcements.

When it comes to picking out a yearbook-worthy photo, there are a few things to consider:

Size. Keep in mind that most yearbook images will be very small. About 2.5×3.5 inches. The small details like your jewelry or your eyeshadow color aren’t really going to show, so focus on the overall feel and expression of the photo.

Background. Maybe this is obvious, but I think it’s super important that YOU are the focus in your yearbook photo. You want to really “pop” from the background. Choosing a photo where the background contrasts your hair/skin and has a little bit of texture is the perfect combo.


Outfit. Once again, I think you should really stand out in the image. I’d stay away from super bright colors or bold patterns, at least for your yearbook shot. Also, be sure to check your school’s guidelines on yearbook dress code and have at least one yearbook-approved outfit for your session.Carli_15Expression/Body language. We’ll get a variety of shots during our photoshoot, from serious, looking down, soft smile, laughing, etc. For a yearbook photo, I always recommend picking an image with a warm, genuine smile. It should feel relaxed and real. I think you’ll know it when you see it!Anna_11R_23The You-factor. Last, but not least you should pick a photo that really feels like you. We’ll take plenty of pretty photos, but how do you want to be remembered in your yearbook? Is it that laughing/quirky shot? That sweet shy smile? Something with more confidence? Go with your gut on this one. The image that feels most like you is the one that belongs in your yearbook.Athena 39Vyda_29

During your ordering session we’ll compare images side-by-side, zoom it, zoom out, and go over all the options until you’re 100% sure. I’m totally there to listen and offer my advice. The whole process is actually really fun – I think you’ll love it! If you still need to book your photoshoot, just shoot me an email:


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Finally catching up on blogging and I’m so excited to share Olivia’s session! I absolutely loved working with Olivia. She has such a sweet spirit and is incredibly talented too! I got to see her preform at a benefit night for Girl Up, and her voice is just heavenly!! If you’re interested in her music, you should definitely check out her Youtube Channel.

Name: Olivia L
High School: OES

Portland senior photos OES_0022Portland senior photos OES_0023Portland senior photos OES_0024
Three words to describe yourself: creative, curious, a little bit geeky

Portland senior photos OES_0025Portland senior photos OES_0026Portland senior photos OES_0027

Portland senior photos OES_0007What is your favorite memory from high school?
Launching bottle rockets off the roof of my school’s science building, and then getting into an epic hose fight with my friends.

Portland senior photos OES_0008Portland senior photos OES_0009Portland senior photos OES_0010

What’s something you’ve overcome or accomplished during high school that you’re proud of?
I think that one of my greatest accomplishments has been singing a solo with the Oregon Symphony for a performance of video game music at the Arlene Schnitzer concert hall. It was probably the scariest thing I have ever done, especially since the performers were projected on a huge screen so there was a camera right in front of me, but it was a really amazing experience and a lot of fun.

Portland senior photos OES_0032Portland senior photos OES_0033

What was the best part about having your senior photos taken?
Having my hair and makeup done by somebody who knows what they’re doing (because I definitely don’t), and then getting to explore Howell Territorial Park.

Portland senior photos OES_0034Portland senior photos OES_0035Portland senior photos OES_0036

What advice would you give yourself as a freshman?
Don’t be afraid to talk to new people and try new things — high school is a lot more fun when you stop being shy and start taking risks!

Portland senior photos OES_0037Portland senior photos OES_0038Portland senior photos OES_0039

Where are you heading next? I’ll be headed to Brown University next year, probably as a computer science major, and I’m really excited to be able to meet cool people and live somewhere completely new.

Thanks for sharing Olivia! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure! xoxo

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