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So excited to be sharing my last 2016 Senior Model from my alma mater, St. Mary’s Academy! Caitlin was a total dream to photograph and I was so happy with how these turned out!

“Getting to work with Allegra was such an awesome experience! I was super nervous on my way there, thinking that my photos weren’t going to turn out good. As soon as I got there Allegra made me feel so comfortable and like I knew exactly what I was doing. She helped me pick out the perfect location and was here for me a hundred percent of the time during the shoot. When I got the photos I was amazed at how well they turned out! I genuinely recommend Allegra for your senior photos. Go to her and I promise you won’t regret it!”

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SMA girls: Don’t forget to book your senior session for this summer! The Saint Mary’s yearbook deadline is early September! <3

  • Danielle - How do you always have THE most stylish seniors?? Those high-waist jeans are so awesome as well as the Mary Janes with the bohemian blue dress. I love it all!! Gorgeous as usual. <3ReplyCancel

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Had a blast photographing Kiana, my 2016 Senior Model for Wilson! Kiana definitely knew what she wanted for her photos and it was so fun making her vision come to life. She was so cute and had all her outfits organized head-to-toe, which was amazing and made the shoot such a breeze. Here are a few of my favorite images from the session:

I had so much fun working with Allegra! She was fun and easy to work with. She would listen to your input on what you want to do. Allegra also gives you a lot of room to put your own style into your pictures. I love my pictures they turned out really great!

portland senior photos_0158portland senior photos_0159portland senior photos_0157portland senior photos_0160portland senior photos_0161portland senior photos_0163portland senior photos_0164portland senior photos_0165portland senior photos_0166portland senior photos_0168portland senior photos_0169portland senior photos_0171portland senior photos_0170portland senior photos_0173portland senior photos_0174portland senior photos_0175portland senior photos_0176portland senior photos_0179Portland Senior Photos_0177portland senior photos_0178Email to book your senior session! Summer dates are filling up! xoxo

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Photographing Jessie was so much fun! She’s got amazing style and was so easy to work with. I’m so happy to have her as my first Lakeridge High School Senior Model — It’s going to be an amazing year! <3

I had the best time with Allegra while taking my pictures! Allegra makes the experience very comfortable and easy going! I was so happy with how my pictures turned out. I was nervous at first with not knowing what to do, but right away she made it so natural. She’s super sweet and down to earth. She also takes the best pictures so I would strongly recommend getting them done by her! 

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