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Felicia was so fun to photograph! This girl has been dancing ballet since 6th grade, and definitely has to poise (and amazing posture) to prove it! She was totally up for anything on our shoot, including hiking and getting into the water for some photos. Love her adventurous spirit!

Name: Felicia
School: Tualatin High SchoolTualatin Senior Photos_0001Tualatin Senior Photos_0002Tualatin Senior Photos_0003Favorite things to do: oil paint, dance, go hikingTualatin Senior Photos_0004Tualatin Senior Photos_0007Tualatin Senior Photos_0005Tualatin Senior Photos_0006Three words to describe yourself: creative, spontaneous, adventurousTualatin Senior Photos_0008Tualatin Senior Photos_0009Tualatin Senior Photos_0010Tualatin Senior Photos_0011What was the best part of having your senior photos taken?  What was the experience like? I was nervous at the beginning, but Allegra suggested poses that all worked for me so the photo shoot went smoothly. We decided to take pictures on the rock in the middle of the lake, and it was really fun climbing around and being in the water. Altogether, the location was perfect and it was super fun and so much easier than I thought.Tualatin Senior Photos_0012Tualatin Senior Photos_0013Tualatin Senior Photos_0014Tualatin Senior Photos_0015

How did you plan your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? My friends helped me pick out the outfits that represent me the best. Advice: Plan out the jewelry in advance and try on the complete outfit.

Tualatin Senior Photos_0016Tualatin Senior Photos_0017Tualatin Senior Photos_0018Tualatin Senior Photos_0019Highlight of your summer? Beach trips with my friendsTualatin Senior Photos_0021Tualatin Senior Photos_0020What are you most looking forward to for senior year? Getting accepted to colleges I want and finally being stress-free!

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So excited to share some favorites from Jane’s shoot! I had a wonderful time exploring near OMSI and hanging out with her and her sweet family. Jane even brought her tutu along! It was fun getting some really elegant shots of her with more of an industrial background. We had golden light and a great view of the city skyline – perfect combo!
Name: Jane Wybenga
High school: St. Mary’s Academy
Favorite things to do: dance, spend time in the outdoors, travel

SMA Senior Photos Portland_0002SMA Senior Photos Portland_0003SMA Senior Photos Portland_0004Three words to describe yourself: driven, adventurous, fun-lovingSMA Senior Photos Portland_0005SMA Senior Photos Portland_0006What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? I’ve never had my photos taken professionally before and it was really cool to have that opportunity! I liked how individual the process was, Allegra suggested a perfect location for me and we shot in places that reflect me as a person. I loved having the skyline of Portland in the pictures as well as the beautiful nature around OMSI. Allegra was super easy and fun to work with and she did an amazing job with the photos!SMA Senior Photos Portland_0008SMA Senior Photos Portland_0007How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I picked outfits that I knew I liked although I tried them on the day of the shoot which was a little stressful. I would definitely suggest trying everything on in advance.

SMA Senior Photos Portland_0009SMA Senior Photos Portland_0011SMA Senior Photos Portland_0013SMA Senior Photos Portland_0012What are you most looking forward to for senior year? I’m looking forward to spending time with friends and exploring new places in Portland before I leave for college. SMA Senior Photos Portland_0015SMA Senior Photos Portland_0014SMA Senior Photos Portland_0017SMA Senior Photos Portland_0016Thanks for the great shoot, Jane!

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So much fun working with Beverly! I photographed both her older sisters over the past few years, and it was finally Beverly’s turn. I loved running around with her, finding the best sunlight, and hearing about her love for theatre, singing and piano!

Name: Beverly S.
High school: Jesuit High School
Favorite things to do: theatre, piano, photography, hiking
jesuit portland senior photos_0032jesuit portland senior photos_0036jesuit portland senior photos_0035Three words to describe yourself: humorous, fun, honest jesuit portland senior photos_0037jesuit portland senior photos_0034jesuit portland senior photos_0033jesuit portland senior photos_0052What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? What was the experience like? It was a really fun experience where I felt very comfortable, and never having my photos taken before, it was a nice surprise when I didn’t feel awkward and actually felt photogenic! It was also a beautiful location with wonderful weather!

jesuit portland senior photos_0039jesuit portland senior photos_0038jesuit portland senior photos_0044jesuit portland senior photos_0043jesuit portland senior photos_0042jesuit portland senior photos_0040jesuit portland senior photos_0050How did you pick out outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I had a friend who had already taken her pictures help me out, but mostly I looked for colors that i knew looked good on me, and then formed three very different types of outfits so I could have all different looks.

jesuit portland senior photos_0046jesuit portland senior photos_0045jesuit portland senior photos_0048jesuit portland senior photos_0051What are you most looking forward to for senior year? I think I’m most looking forward to getting to help lead our drama program at our school, and also be able to have a fresh start for my final year at Jesuit.jesuit portland senior photos_0049Thanks so much for sharing, Beverly! xoxo

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