5 Natural Beauty Habits for Clear Skin

A while back I shared a little bit about my journey to clear skin and a natural beauty routine. It’s still a work in progress, but there are a few things that have truly made a difference.

5 habits for clearer skin:

1. Switch to a natural laundry detergent & change your pillow cases often. Most laundry detergents have tons of chemicals, perfumes, dyes, etc. in them. They might smell heavenly, but they really aren’t so great for your skin. Here is a list of some great natural detergents rated by the EWG, or you can make your own (<–I’ve been dying to try this ever since Danielle posted it!)

2. Clean your makeup brushes – weekly! Your skin will thank you. I just swirl my brushes in the palm of my hand with warm water and a mild natural soap (from Trader Joe’s!) until the water runs clear. Then for good measure and bacteria fighting, I dip them in a bit of diluted apple cider vinegar and then let them dry. No more oily dirty brushes!

3. Try oil cleansing instead of washing your face. Regular face wash can strip your skin of its natural oil and actually cause more acne. Read more about how I oil cleanse here. This has made a huge difference for my skin!

4. Be aware of your hair products. Obviously sleeping with a bunch of hairspray or gunk in your hair is no bueno for your face or those fresh pillowcases you now have. But even if you go to bed freshly showered, it’s still important to check the ingredients in your shampoo & conditioner. Lately I’ve been using a natural shampoo and conditioner from Everyday Coconut. I’m totally obsessed!

5. Eat for clear skin. Being aware of what you put on your skin is great, but it’s so important to be aware of what we put in our bodies too. Try keeping a food journal to see how your skin reacts. For example, on weeks when I consume a lot of sugar, I notice the following few weeks I have more breakouts. Everyone is different, but for me cutting back on dairy & sugar has made a huge impact. And of course, anything you can do to add more fruits, veggies, and whole foods into your diet is great. I truly believe food is the best medicine, and you can heal your skin from the inside out. 

What do you think? Do you have any tips for naturally clear skin?

Rose - Great tips Allegra! I want to get back to oil cleansing when i get home from my trip.

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