Sweater Season | Senior Style

Sweater Season is officially here and I am loving every minute of it! If you follow my Instagram, you might know that I spend most of my days bundling up in all things cozy and walking to my favorite coffee shops in NW Portland to edit photos.  I really couldn’t live without my favorite sweaters and scarves! 

Although I do miss all the adorable sundresses, I’ve loved seeing my seniors get creative with warmer options for their outfits. There are definitely some ways to rock a sweater on your senior photoshoot. Here are some ideas:

Eep! Isn’t Olivia adorable?

senior portrait style ideas_0035

I love the idea of pairing a sweater with a long necklace, like Olivia did (above) and Sophia did here (below): Somehow it just completes the outfit! 

senior portrait style ideas_0042
If you’re worried a cardigan is going to be too be too bulky or hide your figure, you can always wear something a little more form-fitting underneath. I love that Gena wore a simple black bandeau and a high-waisted skirt with her long cardigan.

senior portrait style ideas_0034

Lena totally rocked her oversized cardigan too, with more of a casual look. Loved the beachy waves, cut-off shorts, and converse! 

senior portrait style ideas_0043
A cropped sweater over a dress or skirt (Like Rachael’s below), can add a perfect pop of texture to your outfit.
senior portrait style ideas_0039
Sometimes all you need is a great pair of boots and a few accessories to bring the outfit together. I love that Lauren and Sydney both wore grey sweaters with pretty turquoise rings! 
senior portrait style ideas_0032
senior portrait style ideas_0033
Picking a darker sweater can also insure that we get that perfect timeless headshot. Like this cute one of Anna – she totally sparkles!
senior portrait style ideas_0037

These simple sweaters are great because you can show off your styling, but in a closeup you are the complete focus of the image (no major textures or patterns to distract). Aren’t Annie’s eyes so pretty here? They just draw you into the photo!

senior portrait style ideas_0038
Anna’s too – love this one!
senior portrait style ideas_0046

What’s your favorite way to style a sweater?

Natalie & Will | Portland Senior Photos

So excited to feature Natalie & Will today! Besides sharing genes, these twins also share an amazing sense of style. Loved collaborating with these two to create some unique portraits!

Portland Senior photos Allegra_0005
Okay, seriously those shoes are the cutest!!
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0006
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0007
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0004
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0008
I know this may be shocking, but ocassionally I DO shoot guys! Will was super fun to photograph and is actually a photographer himself – you can check out his work here
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0003
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0001
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0002
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0009
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0010
Loved this one of them together:
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0028
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0012
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0013
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0014
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0015
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0017
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0016
It was great to mix it up with this urban setting – I was so excited about all the textures we found:
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0011
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0018
Natalie you are stunning!!
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0019
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0020
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0021
Had to get a shot with the Hawthorne bridge!
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0024
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0025
And finally, here’s my absolute favorite shot from the session. These two are totally owning it, and I think we might have broken the internet when I posted this one on my Facebook page.  
Portland Senior photos Allegra_0023

Thanks for the amazing photoshoot, you two!!

Diane Bingham Holmes - Adorable pictures of two adorable kids.

Embracing Your Bed Head | Natural Beauty Post

For a long while, I refused to accept my unruly waves. I insisted on straightening and then re-curling my hair so I had no frizz. As you can imagine, this was not only ridiculously time consuming, but also damaging to my hair. On mornings when I didn’t have time to complete this very lengthy process, I threw my hair in a not-so-cute braid. BUT, after switching to a more natural beauty routine, I’ve been using less heat on my hair and learning to love my natural waves!

Recently, a rad new company called Casper asked me to share some tips for their “Own Your Bed Head” project. They make outrageously comfortable mattresses that ship in a box the size of a mini-fridge right to your front door! I’m so excited to share how I’ve been dealing with frizz and embracing my bed head:

Sleepy Pug <3

I like to manage my frizz BEFORE I go to bed, that way I can hit the snooze button and snuggle with my pup a little while longer.  My favorite trick is a once-a-week coconut oil treatment. Before I shower, I rub about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil through my hair. I usually focus on the ends, but I also love massaging it into my scalp. You can let it sit and work its magic, or if you’re impatient like me, just hop in the shower and shampoo it out. It’s amazing at moisturizing, detangling, and reducing frizz — it can even undo some of that damage caused by straightening, curling, and blow-drying!


Instead of letting my hair towel or air-dry, I use a soft cotton t-shirt! It’s much less rough than a towel and helps keep everything smooth.

I’ve also found that shampooing less often is a huge help! On days when my hair is a little oily or needs some extra volume up top, I use dry shampoo. It’s super easy to make your own, but right now I’ve been loving this aerosol-free kind from Acure Organics! It absorbs excess oil at my roots and gives my hair that extra lift.

Learning how to deal with my natural hair has been a fun and frustrating process, but I’m definitely learning to embrace it. If you have any tips or tricks for owning your bed head or dealing with frizz, feel free to share in the comments below!


Danielle - Your bed head looks like old school Julia Roberts’ hair. LOVE IT! and that picture of you and Casserole is to die for!! Love this post! :)

Rose - I LOVE your curls! Rock on girl!

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