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Sharing part two of the Schult twins today! Payton is completely stunning and so sweet — I had the best time photographing her! I’ve also included some shots of Payton & Madeleine together in this post. Enjoy!

Name: Payton Schult
High school: Lake Oswego High Schoollake-oswego-senior-photos_0018-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0019-1Favorite things to do: Play tennis, go to the movies and dinner with friends, go to the lake
lake-oswego-senior-photos_0020-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0021-1Three words to describe yourself: friendly, determined, athleticlake-oswego-senior-photos_0023-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0022-1What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? This is the first time I have had professional photos taken of myself and it was a really fun experience. I was really happy with the location we picked, and it was fun to walk around and find cool places to take pictures. Also the photos turned out exactly how I imagined.lake-oswego-senior-photos_0025-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0026-1How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I picked a maroon dress from Urban Outfitters because the color stood out in the pictures. I also brought some jeans and two shirts to change into for some extra outfits. My advice would be to pick some outfits early, because I picked mine last minute and also bring a few outfits so you can have some variety.lake-oswego-senior-photos_0024-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0027-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0017-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0028
What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? I’ve lettered in both tennis and cross country. Also, I have gotten good grades even after moving to new schools multiple times.lake-oswego-senior-photos_0029lake-oswego-senior-photos_0030lake-oswego-senior-photos_0031lake-oswego-senior-photos_0032Any plans for after graduation? I plan on going to a college, preferably in the south where I’m from, and then continuing on to medical school after.lake-oswego-senior-photos_0033lake-oswego-senior-photos_0034lake-oswego-senior-photos_0035 Scroll down for Madeleine’s session! xoxo

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I had such a wonderful time working with Madeleine! She is so easy to talk to, and I can tell she’s very driven and ambitious in everything she does. I also had the chance to meet her sister Payton, and their adorable rescue dog – I’ll be posting those photos soon! For now, here are some of my favorite shots of Madeleine:

Name: Madeleine
High School: Lake Oswego High School

lake-oswego-senior-photos_0005-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0004-1Favorite things to do: Play tennis, watch movies, hang out with friendslake-oswego-senior-photos_0002-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0003-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0001-1Three words to describe yourself: Caring, ambitious, adaptable

lake-oswego-senior-photos_0006-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0007-1What was the best part about having your senior photos taken?  Getting to look at the pictures after and loving them. It was a great experience. Allegra was so nice and funny and took amazing photos.

lake-oswego-senior-photos_0008-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0009-1How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? The night before I went to Nordstrom and picked out a black romper. The blue shirt I wore I already had and I liked it because the blue brought out the color in my eyes. I would say some advice would be to prepare early for senior pictures and not do it last minute like I did.lake-oswego-senior-photos_0010-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0011-1What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? I would say that I am proud that after moving schools, I still managed to keep good grades and meet a ton of new friends.

lake-oswego-senior-photos_0012-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0013-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0014-1Any plans for after graduation? I plan on going to college and studying pre-med in the hopes of later becoming a physician.

lake-oswego-senior-photos_0016-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0015-1Thanks for sharing, Madeleine! xoxo

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My seniors always ask, “what should I bring to my photoshoot?” So, I decided to create a packing guide. You might be inclined to throw all your fav outfits in the trunk of your car and call it good…but keeping things organized and packing ahead of time is the best way to keep your photoshoot stress-free!how-to-prepare-for-senior-photos-what-to-pack_0002

The Must-Haves:

Outfits – I recommend packing most items in an easy-to-carry bag/duffle. Items that might wrinkle you can put on hangers. More tips for planning your outfits here.

Undergarments – Be sure to try on your outfits beforehand and see if you need any special undergarments – strapless bras, nude undies, camisoles, etc.

Shoes – Don’t forget the proper socks to go with them!

Accessories/Jewelry in a separate bag – Actually, one of my seniors brought all her jewelry in ziplock bags, divided up by each outfit – so clever! Definitely saves time/stress so you aren’t digging around to find that second earring.

Lip balm or lip color – In case you need a touch-up part way through the shoot. Be sure to pack this somewhere you can find it easily, like in your jewelry bag.

Optional Add-Ons:

Hair products – For example, hair wax for flyaways or a cream/oil to tame frizz.

Lint roller – Especially if you’re wearing a lot of black.

Tissues/Q-tips – For makeup touch-ups, random allergy attacks, and other fashion emergencies.

Spoolie brow brush – If you’re worried about your brows moving out of place between outfit changes.

Handheld mirror – for applying lip color, checking up on your hair, etc.

Friend/family member – Sometimes friends/family can be a distraction and other times they can really help bring out your best smile. These are your senior photos, so it’s totally up to you if you want anyone tagging along.

If you want to bring along anything else (props, your dog, your horse?) feel free to run it past me! For more help, check out my Senior Outfit Guide, and Senior Prep Guide.

Can’t wait for our photoshoot!


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