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Clara was an absolute dream to work with! She is such a sweetheart and I had so much fun hanging out and exploring with her on this hazy day. My favorite part of the experience was sharing the photos with her and her mom at our ordering session. They were so enthusiastic about the photos, which of course made the process even more fun for me! I seriously can’t wait to show them their final album and prints! Here are a few of my favorite images and a little interview with Clara:

Name: Clara C.
High school: Oregon Episcopal School

OES senior photos_0001OES senior photos_0002

Favorite things to do: I love to make art, write stories, and sing. My friends are also really important to me, and we love swimming in summer and finding fun or interesting places to go in Portland.

OES senior photos_0003OES senior photos_0004OES senior photos_0005OES senior photos_0006Three words to describe yourself: I’m funny, creative, and thoughtful.

OES senior photos_0007OES senior photos_0009OES senior photos_0008OES senior photos_0010OES senior photos_0011

What are you looking forward to most for senior year? I’m really excited to spend the year with my friends and hopefully make some new ones too!

OES senior photos_0014OES senior photos_0013

What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? I’m really proud to say that I’ve opened up a lot more these last few years of high school, I’m pretty shy when I first meet people and I’m glad I’ve gotten more comfortable with myself and come out of my shell.

OES senior photos_0015OES senior photos_0016What was the best part about having your senior photos taken?  I was kind of nervous going into the photoshoot, but once I got there the nerves went away completely. Taking the photos was very relaxed and fun, not to mention that the evening was really lovely. I would definitely recommend Allegra to anyone looking to get their senior photos taken!OES senior photos_0017OES senior photos_0018Any fun plans for the summer? I recently came back from Spain and Portugal where I went on tour with my choir which was an amazing experience!

OES senior photos_0019OES senior photos_0020OES senior photos_0021Thanks so much for sharing, Clara!!  I hope you’re enjoying the last few days of summer break! xoxo

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I had such a wonderful time working with Olivia! She has the coolest style and awesome blue/green ombre hair…As soon as I met her I knew it would be a great shoot. She is so sweet and I loved seeing her open up during our photoshoot and hearing about her high school experience.

Name: Olivia C.

High school: St. Mary’s Academy

Portland Senior Photos SMA_0076Portland Senior Photos SMA_0074

Favorite things to do: Soccer, participate in political discussions, and drink good coffee!!

Portland Senior Photos SMA_0073Portland Senior Photos SMA_0077

Three words to describe yourself: Kind, considerate, unique

Portland Senior Photos SMA_0078Portland Senior Photos SMA_0088

What are you looking forward to most for senior year? I am looking forward to the college applications process and seeing where I end up :)

Portland Senior Photos SMA_0079Portland Senior Photos SMA_0080Portland Senior Photos SMA_0087

What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? During high school I have definitely found myself more. I am now my own person and am proud of who I am.

Portland Senior Photos SMA_0081Portland Senior Photos SMA_0082

What was the best part about having your senior photos taken?  The best part of getting my photos done was getting comfortable in front of the camera. I had never done anything like this before so it took me a little while to get into it, but once I did I felt so confident.

Portland Senior Photos SMA_0083Portland Senior Photos SMA_0084

Any highlights from the summer? I just went to Washington, D.C. for a political science for four weeks. This was a truly formative trip that opened my eyes to so much of the political world.

Portland Senior Photos SMA_0086Portland Senior Photos SMA_0085Thanks so much for sharing, Olivia! xoxo

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“Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.”

Had such a fun time meeting up with a few of my senior models this month! These girls are the absolute sweetest and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out.  I loved watching everyone interact and seeing how each unique style and personality showed up on camera. Shout out to Danielle for helping me make the flower crowns! Here are a few of my favorite shots:
Portland Senior Photos SMA_0032Portland Senior Photos SMA_0064Portland Senior Photos SMA_0033Portland Senior Photos SMA_0034Portland Senior Photos SMA_0035Portland Senior Photos SMA_0037Portland Senior Photos SMA_0036Portland Senior Photos SMA_0038Portland Senior Photos SMA_0039Portland Senior Photos SMA_0040Portland Senior Photos SMA_0041Portland Senior Photos SMA_0042Portland Senior Photos SMA_0043Portland Senior Photos SMA_0045Portland Senior Photos SMA_0044Portland Senior Photos SMA_0046Portland Senior Photos SMA_0047Portland Senior Photos SMA_0048Portland Senior Photos SMA_0049Portland Senior Photos SMA_0050Portland Senior Photos SMA_0051Portland Senior Photos SMA_0052Portland Senior Photos SMA_0053Portland Senior Photos SMA_0055Portland Senior Photos SMA_0056Portland Senior Photos SMA_0063Portland Senior Photos SMA_0058Portland Senior Photos SMA_0062Portland Senior Photos SMA_0060Portland Senior SpokesmodelPortland Senior Photos SMA_0069Portland Senior Photos SMA_0070Portland Senior Photos SMA_0071

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