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Name: Catherine N
High School: Central Catholic

catherine central catholic senior photos_0006catherine central catholic senior photos_0007catherine central catholic senior photos_0008Favorite things to do: swim, listen to music, hike, and eat!

catherine central catholic senior photos_0009catherine central catholic senior photos_0010Three words to describe yourself: independent, friendly, determinedcatherine central catholic senior photos_0012catherine central catholic senior photos_0011catherine central catholic senior photos_0013What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? I loved it! I felt so comfortable and had a lot of fun. It was so fun to dress up and play model! catherine central catholic senior photos_0014catherine central catholic senior photos_0015catherine central catholic senior photos_0016How did you pick out outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I wanted clothes that I felt comfortable in and weren’t distracting. Just wear what you feel best in!

catherine central catholic senior photos_0018catherine central catholic senior photos_0019catherine central catholic senior photos_0017What are you most excited about for senior year? I look forward to being done with college apps! I also look forward to having a good last year with my friends. catherine central catholic senior photos_0020catherine central catholic senior photos_0021catherine central catholic senior photos_0022What’s something you’ve accomplished ruing high school that you’re proud of? I am proud of my academic progress throughout high school.catherine central catholic senior photos_0023catherine central catholic senior photos_0024catherine central catholic senior photos_0025Thanks so much for the great shoot, Catherine! I had so much fun hanging out with you and your mom —  you two are the sweetest! xoxo

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Photographing Elie was such a fun experience for me! She was totally open to ideas for the session and had a lot of creative input. I loved hearing about her theatre productions and summer camp adventures too.  She is an all around awesome person and I’m so excited to share these images!
Name: Elie Doubleday
High school: Oregon Episcopal School
Elie OES Senior Photos 01Elie OES Senior Photos 02
Favorite things to do: I love to read and draw, and at school am an avid participator of the theater department (both back stage as a tech hand as well as on stage acting). I do a lot with kids; am a councilor at summer camps and tutor at a nearby middle school. I enjoy playing tennis as well. Elie OES Senior Photos 03Elie OES Senior Photos 04Elie OES Senior Photos 05
 Three words to describe yourself: Caring, friendly, trustworthy
Elie OES Senior Photos 06Elie OES Senior Photos 07Elie OES Senior Photos 08
What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? It was just a special day in general. I got to have my makeup done which isn’t something I do on a regular basis, so I felt exceptionally pretty. The experience was fun and very relaxed, which was nice; I felt super at ease.
Elie OES Senior Photos 09Elie OES Senior Photos 10Elie OES Senior Photos 11
How did you pick out outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I picked out my outfits knowing that I would be photographed against a mostly green background, and therefore wanted my clothing to stand out. My advice would be pick something that will contrast/compliment the colors around your shoot. Also, wear clothes you would normally wear, something that makes you feel comfortable.
Elie OES Senior Photos 12Elie OES Senior Photos 13
What are you looking forward to most for senior year? The biggest thing about being a senior, for me, is how close I am to being done with high school and starting college. At my school, we are offered a lot of electives senior year, which makes classes significantly more fun. I like that I’m no longer in English 11 or U.S. History 1, and get to pick which classes to take.
Elie OES Senior Photos 14Elie OES Senior Photos 15

What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? Last year (junior year) we had a writing competition, to which I submitted a poem from English class and a short story from my history class on The West. I was very proud because my story won 1st runner up and my poem took first place, which for me validated my love of writing.

Thanks so much for sharing, Elie! xoxo

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Fall is off to a wonderful start. I pulled out all my socks, sweaters and boots weeks ago, and I’ve already indulged in too many pumpkin spice lattes to count. I’ve always loved this time of year, even the back-to-school aspect. Heading back to school always meant homework and early mornings, but it also meant seeing my friends again. Though I’ve always been a soft-spoken person, I am certainly not an introvert. Being surrounded in the hallways with all my favorite girls, catching up on our summer adventures, meeting the new students, and experiencing the first-day-of-school vibe all over again was my kind of heaven. I loved all the squealing and hugs that ensued that very first day back. There’s something amazing about the kind of friendships where you can go months at a time without seeing each other and suddenly pick right back up where you left off. Those are the kind of relationships that really last.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about my relationships with my clients, especially my awesome seniors! Our time working together might only be for a few hours, but after I photograph you I feel so connected. I’m left wanting more! I love hearing about your college visits, acceptance letters, and the big decisions ahead. I feel honored when I’m invited to your dance performances, graduation parties, or even out for coffee dates! I’ve lucked out with some amazing seniors who reach out and keep me involved in their lives. I decided maybe I should start pulling my weight, and reaching out to you. As a small effort, I’ve decided to start a monthly newsletter. One email a month with little snippets from my life, details on upcoming photo specials, etc. If you want to be included, I’d love for you to sign up below:

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If you want even more, you can catch up with me on Instagram, my Facebook Page, or just shoot me a text and we can grab some pumpkin spice lattes.


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