Becca & Joseph | Proposal

Being a part of a friend’s proposal is such an honor. During most photoshoots I’m thinking about posing, lighting, expression, styling, and about a million other little details. But documenting a proposal is a whole other story – I got to simply be there and watch an amazing love story unfold, moment by moment. What a privilege to be a part of that experience! Thank you Becca & Joseph for letting me in on this incredibly special time. You two are so sweet and I am SO excited for you!!

portland proposal_01
portland proposal_02
portland proposal_12

portland proposal_03
portland proposal_04
portland proposal_05
portland proposal_06
portland proposal_07
portland proposal_08
portland proposal_09
portland proposal_10
portland proposal_11

Congrats, you two!!

Brittany - This is the cutest thing ever. I work with Becca, and she is just a GEM! Great photos, and I am so excited for these two!!

Zachary Olson - I love her face in the second photo! :D

Alicia O'Neil - This is so terrific!

Becca Williamson - These are so wonderful!! Thank you friend :)

Marcy Wilkins Schroder - LOVE!

DeToma Mila - making me cry I’m a blessed mom

Denise - Love the pictures of my beautiful daughter and soon to be son in law! They made me cry:)

Erin Toohey Herndon - Awwwww….. Love this <3

My Clear Skin Journey | Personal Post

All I ever wanted was clear skin. I wanted the confidence to go outside without makeup, and the confidence to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger without wondering if they were looking at my acne. I wanted this SO badly that I was willing to put chemicals all over my face and in my body. It didn’t seem so crazy at the time; After all, I was just following my dermatologist’s instructions! But after 5+ years of using antibiotics, 3 topical medications, and a face wash that was turning my skin yellow, I still had acne. Not to mention that I was completely destroying my skin with toxic ingredients, and for what?! I wish it had dawned on me earlier that my skin wasn’t the problem: it was everything I was putting on my skin. 

Think about what you put on your face in a day, even if you don’t use medications. Face wash, lotion, primer, concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara? And at the end of the day: makeup remover, face wash, more lotion, eye cream, etc. All the things! Even if you have a much simpler routine, when was the last time you checked the ingredients in your beauty products? You might be surprised that many of the ingredients even in your mild or “sensitive skin” products still contain harsh chemicals and known carcinogens. These ingredients are absorbing into your blood stream, stripping your skin, clogging your pores, and AGING you! Now, personally I think old age and laugh lines are beautiful, but there is NO REASON to prematurely age your skin!

So this year, I decided enough was enough. I threw out all my medications, all my makeup, my lotions, my face wash, everything. Honestly, it was terrifying and liberating all at once. I decided to simplify my routine and find products that were made with only natural ingredients. I also decided to take a closer look at my diet, because what we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies. It might not be too dramatic, but these are my results so far: 

skin before and after
skin before after2

It’s a process and a journey and I’m so excited to share more about how I got here! If you’re interested in learning more, just let me know and I’ll keep the blog posts coming. I’d love to share my new daily routine and all the natural beauty products I’ve discovered along the way. Stay tuned!

Kate Kellogg - Allegra, this is wonderful! I recently went no dairy, and the results for me, were incredible! I have had acne since middle school and tried just about everything. I’d love to know what you use for makeup, and I may throw out mine as well!

Leah Siegel - This is really interesting to me. It looks like whatever you’re doing is really working for you! I have always had acne, and so I started taking the pill and using BP my freshman year of college. When it got better, I essentially stopped doing everything (end of my sophomore year), and then junior year I got terrible, scarring cystic acne. I tried using honey, but it didn’t help. Ultimately, I got back on the pill and again started using BP (and followed the directions set forth by, while applying lactic acid to make the scars fade. My skin is so much better now, even though it’s more sensitive to the sun and prone to drying. But still… anything is better than what happened junior year.
Hopefully that isn’t too much information. But in all seriousness, I am indebted to

Erica Indira Swanson - I would love to see your products! Your skin looks beautiful!

Cara Griffith - That’s incredible! Even more beautiful :)

Casserole the Pug | Personal Post

Today I wanted to share a little piece of my personal life. Specifically, my amazing pug named Casserole (Cassie).

We rescued her in December and have loved getting to know her silly little self. Although she has a perpetual puppy-face, Casserole is 5 years old. Her favorite activity is cuddling.

pacific pug rescue

The only command she knows is “sit,” but she has lots of other talents, like arranging pillows and blankets to create an optimum cozy zone, being mildly interested in fetch, snoring while awake, and winning the hearts of everyone she meets with her gloriously reflective eyes.  

photo (2)
Cassie is happy with whatever adventure presents itself for the day. She loves going to the beach and to the mountain, but is perfectly content for a day of lounging around too.
pacific pug rescue

The best part about Casserole is that every day she is ready to give more love.  She’ll do anything and everything to be next to me or in my lap (even if it means laying on top of my computer), and every day she makes me laugh. Some days I look at her and I literally can’t comprehend how something can be so cute and so ugly at the same time.

Like actually, how is her face soo cute and weirdly shaped?? I had to document the side of her face so you can get the full effect:

For us, rescuing a dog was the best decision. We adopted Cassie through Pacific Pug Rescue, and we are so happy with how the process went! They helped match us up with her based on our lifestyle and her needs. We met her and even had her visit our apartment to see how she fit in before adopting. Of course, we immediately fell in love! Her “foster parents” were able to answer our questions about her personality, habits, and all her little quirks. This was a huge benefit to adopting an adult dog – we knew what her personality was like before adopting her, and we didn’t have to train her like a puppy.

There are tons of reasons to adopt instead of “shopping” for a dog. There are tons of shocking facts about how abusive and awful puppy mills are, and the 7 million dogs waiting in shelters for homes. I’m passionate about rescuing animals, but I won’t try to convince you with all the facts (although I would recommend that you do the research on your own time!). All I’ll say is this: For us, adopting a rescue has been an amazing and rewarding experience. We are so happy that Casserole found her forever home with us!  

To keep up with our adventures, follow me on Instagram.

Rose - Aww! I need to come spent more time with Cassie!

I think you meant to say she found her FURever home :)

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
I n s t a g r a m
P i n t e r e s t