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Love this bubbly babe to bits! I had so much fun running around in the fields with Sarah and hearing about her love for dance! Here’s what Sarah had to say about our photoshoot:

“Going into the photo shoot, I was kind of nervous because I had never had a stranger take photos of just me before. I definitely had no reason to worry! Working with Allegra was such an amazing experience. All the smiles, laughs, and poses felt super natural. She listened to ideas that I had and suggested her own. When I got the email with my photos, I was amazed by how beautiful each and every photo was! I can’t wait to shoot again with her.”

Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0002Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0001Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0003Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0004Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0007Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0005Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0006Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0009Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0008Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0013Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0012Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0010Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0011Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0015Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0014Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0016Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0017Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0018Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0019Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0022Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0023Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0020Lincoln High School Senior Photos Portland_0021

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Loved working with Tess! She was so laid back and up for anything on the shoot. As much as I love beautiful fields, I was excited that Tess wanted a colorful city background. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“Shooting with Allegra was such a fun and exciting experience. Going into the shoot, I had no idea what to expect and she made it super fun and natural. I wasn’t worried about how the pictures would turn out, by looking at her Instagram and blog I knew she was an incredible photographer. We walked around North West Portland for about an hour and found walls and greenery to take pictures against. In the pictures, you can see that I have a genuine smile because it was so much fun. Allegra does a really good job at making sure you are comfortable and having a good time, which I think makes the pictures better. I had so much fun with her and I am so incredibly happy with how the pictures turned out.”

Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0006-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0009-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0007-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0008-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0005-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0003-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0004-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0010-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0011-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0012-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0013-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0016-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0017Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0018-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0019-1Central Catholic Senior Photos Portland_0020-1

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Cammie is so sweet and creative, and was the perfect model! I love that she brought along her instruments to add a personal touch to the photos. We ended up with some really magical images, especially with such a beautifully sunny day!

“Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to shoot my senior pictures!! Allegra was kind, creative and so receptive during the shoot, and she made me feel comfortable in my own skin – something I’ve always struggled with in front of other people, let alone in front of a camera while posing. She had a great artistic vision, choosing poses that would utilize the dreamy lighting and the beautiful nature around us, and was even willing to experiment with the few ideas I had as well. Aside from the photography aspect of the shoot, Allegra was also just a very easy person to talk to, and I had a great time getting to know her. Receiving my senior pictures was like having Christmas in springtime – the quality was far beyond what I had hoped for. Thank you so much Allegra – my family and I love the photos!”

Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0006Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0007Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0008Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0005Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0002Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0003Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0004Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0009Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0010Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0012Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0011Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0013Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0014Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0015Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0022Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0023Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0024Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0025Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0026Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0027Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0020Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0021Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0019Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0016Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0017Catlin Gabel senior photos portland_0018

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