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Name: Mary
High School: Lakeridge High Schoollakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0001lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0007lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0002Favorite things to do: I like to exercise, go shopping, hangout with friends, and be outside.lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0003lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0004lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0005lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0006Three words to describe yourself: Smart, kind, thoughtful.lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0008lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0009lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0010lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0011What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? The best part about having my senior photos taken was being a model for the day! I love photography and it was fun to get all dolled up and photographed.lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0012lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0013How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I picked my outfits mostly according to the weather and my style. I would recommend staying true to what you usually wear and feel comfortable in. It’s smart to also keep in mind the type of setting you will be in.lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0016lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0017lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0018What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? My biggest accomplishment during high school has been maintaining a 4.0 while balancing sports/activities, a job, and a social life.lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0020lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0019lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0021Any plans for after graduation? I’m excited to start college after I graduate! I can’t wait to be independent and see where life will take me. lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0022lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0024lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0023lakeridge-senior-photos-lake-oswego_0025Thanks for sharing, Mary! You were such a great model! :)

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Sharing beautiful Mirabel’s session today! Had a little bit of rain, but we still had a fun and successful shoot!

Name: Mirabel H.
High school: Oregon Episcopal School

portland-senior-photos-oes_0001portland-senior-photos-oes_0002portland-senior-photos-oes_0003Favorite things to do: Dance, go backpacking and spend time with friends
portland-senior-photos-oes_0004portland-senior-photos-oes_0006portland-senior-photos-oes_0007portland-senior-photos-oes_0008Three words to describe yourself: Loyal, Determined, Inquisitiveportland-senior-photos-oes_0010portland-senior-photos-oes_0009portland-senior-photos-oes_0011What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? I loved being able to act like I was a model for a day! It sounds funny, but I really enjoyed the experience. Also working with Allegra was really great, she made me feel like I was beautiful just being myself.portland-senior-photos-oes_0012portland-senior-photos-oes_0013portland-senior-photos-oes_0015How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I picked my outfits by choosing the outfits that I felt the best in and something that I felt comfortable in. To other seniors: just have fun with it, it is an iconic moment that you should enjoy!portland-senior-photos-oes_0014portland-senior-photos-oes_0016portland-senior-photos-oes_0017What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? I am proud of the person I have become despite the challenges I have faced throughout my life.portland-senior-photos-oes_0019portland-senior-photos-oes_0018portland-senior-photos-oes_0020Any plans for after graduation? I plan to go to a college, somewhere, hopefully if I get in! I would love to major in architecture and possibly minor in dance or political science. During college I would love to study abroad as much as possible so that I can travel. I cannot wait to see what my future holds for me!portland-senior-photos-oes_0022portland-senior-photos-oes_0021Thanks for sharing, Mirabel! Hope you’ll keep me updated on your travels and school plans! xoxo

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Sharing part two of the Schult twins today! Payton is completely stunning and so sweet — I had the best time photographing her! I’ve also included some shots of Payton & Madeleine together in this post. Enjoy!

Name: Payton Schult
High school: Lake Oswego High Schoollake-oswego-senior-photos_0018-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0019-1Favorite things to do: Play tennis, go to the movies and dinner with friends, go to the lake
lake-oswego-senior-photos_0020-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0021-1Three words to describe yourself: friendly, determined, athleticlake-oswego-senior-photos_0023-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0022-1What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? This is the first time I have had professional photos taken of myself and it was a really fun experience. I was really happy with the location we picked, and it was fun to walk around and find cool places to take pictures. Also the photos turned out exactly how I imagined.lake-oswego-senior-photos_0025-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0026-1How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I picked a maroon dress from Urban Outfitters because the color stood out in the pictures. I also brought some jeans and two shirts to change into for some extra outfits. My advice would be to pick some outfits early, because I picked mine last minute and also bring a few outfits so you can have some variety.lake-oswego-senior-photos_0024-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0027-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0017-1lake-oswego-senior-photos_0028
What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? I’ve lettered in both tennis and cross country. Also, I have gotten good grades even after moving to new schools multiple times.lake-oswego-senior-photos_0029lake-oswego-senior-photos_0030lake-oswego-senior-photos_0031lake-oswego-senior-photos_0032Any plans for after graduation? I plan on going to a college, preferably in the south where I’m from, and then continuing on to medical school after.lake-oswego-senior-photos_0033lake-oswego-senior-photos_0034lake-oswego-senior-photos_0035 Scroll down for Madeleine’s session! xoxo

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