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To my wonderful readers,

I wanted to share a little bit about this amazing organization: 100Cameras. Have you heard of them? They are such an example of how photography and art can change lives. Here’s how it works:

The program gives cameras to children in marginalized communities. The kids learn the art of photography and begin to document the world around them. 100Cameras then shares their best photos with the world and makes their prints available for ordering online. When a print is purchased, 100% of the money goes directly back to the community. The kids are able to make a positive change, and are empowered through art.

This program has already done so much good: in parts of Sudan, New York, and Cuba. The photos and the stories of the children are beautiful. It’s amazing how photography truly gives these kids a voice. I encourage you to check out their work, purchase some prints, and help out these wonderful kids!

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