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Advice from the Class of 2015

Graduation is finally here!! You made it! I think it’s amazing to reflect back on what the last 4 years have brought you. You’ve achieved so much, you’ve learned about who you are and who you want to be, you’ve created memories you’ll never forget, and you’ve formed some lifelong friendships. I asked my class of 2015 Senior Models to reflect back on their last four years, and asked them what advice they would give themselves as a freshman. Here’s what they said:

“I think it’s extremely important to be your most genuine self. You will attract real and loyal friends.” – Sophie Sedlar


“A piece of advice for incoming freshman would be to take as many opportunities (academic, social, extracurricular) as possible and have fun with it because your high school experience is really what you make of it.” – Anika Raghuvanshi


“To future higher schoolers: make the most out of your experience! High school is what you make it so get involved in as many activities, sports, clubs and classes as you can! All of your connections and hard work will pay off.” – Claire Lupfer


“Do all of your homework and don’t skip too many classes!!!! It’s so easy to procrastinate, make good habits and you’ll do well :)” – Gena Carter


“One piece of advice I would give an incoming freshman would be to get to know everybody you can this year. Being friends with a lot of people is never a bad thing and people can surprise you in so many good ways.” – Michelle McCall
M_31“To add to all of the cliches, I would say to really enjoy all of the moments of high school. It seems like only a few months ago when I was freshman, and now I’m at my last moments and its terrifying! Not that it isn’t exciting, but it is scary to know how soon college is in my future. My advise is to really enjoy everything you will experience in high school.”  – Sydney Mesher

SM_15Thank you to all the Senior Models who contributed! Wishing you an amazing graduation and a wonderful start to your next adventure! xoxo

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