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Jade | Saint Mary’s Academy Senior Photos

Name: Jade Warner
High school: St. Mary’s Academysma-portland-senior-photos_0001sma-portland-senior-photos_0002sma-portland-senior-photos_0003sma-portland-senior-photos_0004Favorite things to do: My favorite things in the world involve being in the outdoors and working with little kiddos: Outdoor School and Camp Namanu. They both are extremely important to me and I absolutely love working with kids, especially out in nature! They are the next generations of this planet’s caretakers! When I’m not in the forest, I love being out in the ocean diving or catching some waves!sma-portland-senior-photos_0005sma-portland-senior-photos_0007sma-portland-senior-photos_0006sma-portland-senior-photos_0008Three words to describe yourself: Charismatic, Inquisitive, Bubblysma-portland-senior-photos_0009sma-portland-senior-photos_0011sma-portland-senior-photos_0010sma-portland-senior-photos_0012sma-portland-senior-photos_0013What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? I was originally pretty nervous about how my photos would turn out because sometimes I feel like I get more stiff in front of the camera, but Allegra made it so easy just to feel relaxed and be myself in front of the camera! I absolutely love how my pictures turned out and I love the variety of poses and backgrounds I have to choose from, either when I’m posting them or giving them to friends and relatives!sma-portland-senior-photos_0014sma-portland-senior-photos_0015sma-portland-senior-photos_0016How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I picked outfits that I felt comfortable in and that I felt I often see myself wearing. I picked outfits that are looks classic to my personal style, but a little more refined than my daily outfit.sma-portland-senior-photos_0017sma-portland-senior-photos_0018sma-portland-senior-photos_0019sma-portland-senior-photos_0020sma-portland-senior-photos_0021sma-portland-senior-photos_0022What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? I feel that there’s many things I feel that I could talk about, but the activity has been most important to me is being a student leader for Outdoor School. I have spent a total of four sessions teaching Outdoor School, but I wish I could say it was more. Teaching my little sixth grade seedlings about our planet is so important to me. The opportunity to be a leader for our upcoming generation of leaders is something I have always loved doing, especially when I get to do it in the outdoors.sma-portland-senior-photos_0023sma-portland-senior-photos_0024Any plans for after graduation? I plan on going to college, to either get my Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, Marine Biology, or Political Science. I have been accepted into a couple colleges at this point, but no decisions have been made yet. I am just so excited to see where my life takes me next!sma-portland-senior-photos_0025sma-portland-senior-photos_0026sma-portland-senior-photos_0027Thanks for sharing, Jade!! xoxo

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