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Kinley | Oregon City Senior Photos

Name: Kinley T
High school: Oregon City High School

Oregon city senior photos_0007Oregon city senior photos_0006Oregon city senior photos_0005Favorite things to do: Hiking, camping, beach trips. Oregon city senior photos_0002Oregon city senior photos_0001Three words to describe yourself: Kind, caring, and adventurous Oregon city senior photos_0011Oregon city senior photos_0010Oregon city senior photos_0012What was your senior portrait experience like?  Going into my photo session I expected there to be a lot of pictures that I didn’t love, simply because I don’t like getting pictures taken of myself. However, the actual experience was very different. I love all of my senior photographs! My favorite part was the location. I had never been to Luscher Farm, and it was fun to explore this community farm tucked into Lake Oswego.

Oregon city senior photos_0014Oregon city senior photos_0016Oregon city senior photos_0013How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I chose a few outfits that I liked, but wouldn’t typically where on a day-to-day basis. With that said I still made sure the outfit represented me in one way or another. Then I chose one outfit that I would wear on a normal day. This provided me with one outfit that represented a comfort zone.

Oregon city senior photos_0017Oregon city senior photos_0020Oregon city senior photos_0021What was the highlight of your summer? My favorite part of summer was going to my dad’s house in Round Valley, Idaho. I  was able to enjoy hobbies, like fishing, that I had not given time to enjoy in years!

Oregon city senior photos_0019Oregon city senior photos_0018What are you most looking forward to for senior year? I am looking most forward to creating more memories with my friends before we all graduate together.

Thanks for sharing, Kinley! xo

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