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Should I Hire a Makeup Artist for my Photos?

When you look back on photos of yourself, what do you want to see? My guess is that you want to see yourself as the beautiful sweet/fun/sassy/quirky/lovely person that you are. Most importantly, you want to see yourself. Now, I don’t think you need makeup to be beautiful or to be yourself. You don’t! But here’s the thing: The camera captures light, skin, and color very differently than the human eye. So what you see in person is not always what you’ll see on camera.

For example, certain colors and shimmery eyeshadows can photograph quite strangely. Your natural lip color or eyebrows can look much lighter on camera than in person. And the wrong eyeliner shape can completely block light from your eyes. Here’s where a professional makeup artist comes in…

should I hire a makeup artist

My favorite professional makeup artists know how to create beautiful looks that read naturally and flawlessly on camera. They know the colors, shapes, and all the tricks to bring out your best features for photos. Now, if you’re the kind of girl who never wears makeup – that’s great! My makeup artists love the natural look, and are happy to give you simple but camera-ready makeup. I promise you won’t be over-glamorized or unrecognizable.

should i hire a makeup artist for my senior photos

If you have a specific style that you love – that’s great too! Cat eye? Bold lip color? We can totally work with you to create a look that will fit your style and still be set for on-camera. AND if you have allergies or sensitive skin, I can also recommend our favorite eco artist who uses all natural makeup. So no matter your style or needs, you’ll get to collaborate with a makeup artist to enhance your best features and find a look you love.

portland makeup for senior photosHaving your makeup done professionally will help you feel confident and camera-ready. Plus it’s just a super fun experience! If you’ve booked your portrait session with me, please inquire for a list of my favorite makeup artists.allegra villella

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