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Oil Cleansing for Clear Skin | Personal Post

Thank you all so much for the love on my last post about my clear skin journey! I got lots of emails and texts from friends asking, “what have you been doing??” So today I wanted to share the #1 thing that has helped clear up my skin: The Oil Cleansing Method.

The Oil Cleansing Method is a way of washing your face with oil. This probably sounds counter productive since acne is usually caused by excess oil under the skin. But here’s why it works: Most face washes (even natural ones) strip your skin of your natural oil. Then, to make up for the lack of moisture, your skin overcompensates and produces extra oil….which can lead to acne. Yikes! But with the Oil Cleansing Method you can clean and replenish your skin with pure oils. Since your skin will be so moisturized and happy, it won’t have any need to produce extra oil.

So how do you oil cleanse?

  • Start by finding two natural (preferably cold-pressed) oils – check out this great article to find out which oils are best for your skin type. I’m using castor oil and jojoba oil.

oil cleansing for acne

    • Massage a quarter-sized amount of your oil-combo into your face. I use a ratio of 1:1 for my skin type. The jojoba oil is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and feels so luxurious, while the castor oil is anti-bacterial and antimicrobial.
    • Next, run a washcloth under steaming hot water, ring it out, and cover your face with it. Once the washcloth begins to go cold, you can remove it and gently wipe off any excess oil. The steam will help unclog your pores and clean out any impurities.

That’s it! Your natural oils will be replaced with pure, antibacterial, and nourishing oils. I love this process for so many reasons. 1) My skin feels so amazingly soft afterwards and never greasy in the morning. 2) My acne has cleared up so quickly, and even when I do have small breakouts they heal much faster than before. 3) This is an easy all-in-one regimen: it removes makeup (no need to use a chemical-filled makeup remover!), cleans, and moisturizes your skin. 

oil cleansing before and afterThis simple process has worked so well for me and I would definitely recommend that you do a little research and try it out for yourself! Feel free to leave questions in the comments below, and let me know if you’ve ever tried oil cleansing!

allegra villella

  • Gabrielle von Heyking - thanks so much for sharing this!! I was actually researching the oil cleansing method yesterday because at 23 I still have acne prone skin and all the other things I’ve tried in the past haven’t been working! can’t wait to try it out!! ReplyCancel

  • Jamie Saechao - Love that you shared this. I use coconut oil on my skin regularly and love it. Definitely makes your skin feel sooo much softer! ReplyCancel

  • Anna Gus - Thanks for sharing the combo and ratios you use! You have inspired me to try this method starting yesterday. Liking it already, excited to see what kind of difference it makes after a couple weeks. ReplyCancel

  • Laura Nelson - OH! I want to try this! Love your personal posts :DReplyCancel

  • Madison Oo - Allegra- I’ve been meaning to comment on this– I saw this post a while back and have been oil cleansing since that very day. WOW. Why did no one tell me about this sooner? I’ve been using just castor oil (occasionally mixing olive oil) and my skin has never been better. And it’s very consistent. As a result, I’m wearing less makeup and feeling more confident doing so. You’re the one I owe a thank you to, so thanks so much for sharing. Hope you are doing well :) ReplyCancel

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