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Name: Grace
High school: Sunset High School

sunset high school senior photos portland_0032sunset high school senior photos portland_0033sunset high school senior photos portland_0034Favorite things to do: My favorite things to do are running and going out with my friends!sunset high school senior photos portland_0031sunset high school senior photos portland_0035Three words to describe yourself: Dedicated, athletic and friendly.
sunset high school senior photos portland_0030sunset high school senior photos portland_0037sunset high school senior photos portland_0038What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? The best part was seeing all of the finished pictures! It was so exciting because they were even better than I expected. The experience was very easy and comfortable. I was worried that I wouldn’t know what to do in the pictures but Allegra gave me comfortable and natural poses and always asked me for my opinion on what I was envisioning.sunset high school senior photos portland_0039sunset high school senior photos portland_0040sunset high school senior photos portland_0043How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? For my outfits, I picked ones that were simpler than others so it wouldn’t take all of the attention in the pictures. My advice to other seniors would be to make sure the outfits you pick represent you and feel comfortable and confident.sunset high school senior photos portland_0044sunset high school senior photos portland_0047sunset high school senior photos portland_0046What was the highlight of your summer? The highlight of my summer was going to the beach with my friends and having time to relax and have fun!sunset high school senior photos portland_0023sunset high school senior photos portland_0025sunset high school senior photos portland_0026What are you most looking forward to for senior year? For senior year, I am mostly looking forward to picking a college and making the most of my time with my friends and family before I graduate!sunset high school senior photos portland_0027sunset high school senior photos portland_0028sunset high school senior photos portland_0029

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Name: Kinley T
High school: Oregon City High School

Oregon city senior photos_0007Oregon city senior photos_0006Oregon city senior photos_0005Favorite things to do: Hiking, camping, beach trips. Oregon city senior photos_0002Oregon city senior photos_0001Three words to describe yourself: Kind, caring, and adventurous Oregon city senior photos_0011Oregon city senior photos_0010Oregon city senior photos_0012What was your senior portrait experience like?  Going into my photo session I expected there to be a lot of pictures that I didn’t love, simply because I don’t like getting pictures taken of myself. However, the actual experience was very different. I love all of my senior photographs! My favorite part was the location. I had never been to Luscher Farm, and it was fun to explore this community farm tucked into Lake Oswego.

Oregon city senior photos_0014Oregon city senior photos_0016Oregon city senior photos_0013How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I chose a few outfits that I liked, but wouldn’t typically where on a day-to-day basis. With that said I still made sure the outfit represented me in one way or another. Then I chose one outfit that I would wear on a normal day. This provided me with one outfit that represented a comfort zone.

Oregon city senior photos_0017Oregon city senior photos_0020Oregon city senior photos_0021What was the highlight of your summer? My favorite part of summer was going to my dad’s house in Round Valley, Idaho. I  was able to enjoy hobbies, like fishing, that I had not given time to enjoy in years!

Oregon city senior photos_0019Oregon city senior photos_0018What are you most looking forward to for senior year? I am looking most forward to creating more memories with my friends before we all graduate together.

Thanks for sharing, Kinley! xo

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Looking through my grandmother’s photo album is one of my favorite things. It’s filled with tiny black and white prints that look just like old movies. Last time I visited her, we went through every single page and I watched her light up as she remembered friends and travels from decades ago. For the first time, I noticed a page with her high school graduation photo, Class of 1940. It’s a closeup portrait with her hair perfect and her eyes bright. “You don’t get a photo taken like that very often” she told me, “so that’s something you remember.”

Nowadays, a good portrait can be taken by the thousands on your iPhone. But I still believe there’s something special about photo albums. Having your images printed, displayed proudly on a coffee table, and passed around the room when family and friends visit. It becomes more and more special as time goes on.

So today I wanted to spotlight my Senior Album. To me, this is one of those items that you just have to see in person. It’s handcrafted with linen and ultra-thick pages to show off your photos. The printing quality is insane, with crisp colors that pop off the page. Senior Album Allegra Villela

As an added bonus, when you purchase the album you also get a USB of all the retouched digitals from our photoshoot. That way you’re set for Instagram, but you also have something timeless and beautifully printed.

Key features:

  • Handcrafted linen cover with 15 color options
  • Ultra thick pages that will last a lifetime
  • Crisp colorful images
  • USB of digitals included as a bonus

This is a great option for families without much wall space, or those who know they want multiple images printed. It’s also a win-win for seniors who want to up their insta game, and parents who want prints. You’ll get to see a sample of the album at our Ordering Session, but if you have any questions (or still need to book your photoshoot), shoot me an email:


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Thanks to Youtube tutorials and social media, a lot of my recent seniors have been killing it in the makeup department. I’m shocked when they tell me they did their own makeup!

In my 8 years of shooting senior portraits, I’ve always strongly recommended booking a makeup artist. Some years I even required it! That’s because everyday makeup is totally different than on-camera makeup, and a good makeup artist knows how to flatter your face on camera.

But if you’ve got some makeup skills and want to do your own, check out the tips below:

doing your own makeup for senior photos

  • All About That Base. It’s important to start with a good base, so your makeup applies smoothly. Keeping your skin exfoliated and moisturized regularly is a must! A high quality primer is also a huge help.
  • Foundation. It’s not so much about the type of foundation, but the color. To see if the foundation matches your skin tone, try a swatch on your face and look at it in natural daylight. It needs to match the undertone (yellow, peach, olive, etc.) as well as the depth (however dark/light your skin is). Keep your summer tan in mind, and update your foundation color if needed!
  • Coverage. I suggest going for a medium coverage foundation, to keep it natural. Acne can be photoshopped, but keep your freckles and beauty marks visible if possible!
  • Blush/Bronzer/Contour. Makeup tends to fade on camera, so I recommend adding a bit more color to your face than usual. You can add blush, bronzer, contour, or all three depending on your skill level! To avoid looking clownish, see the next step.
  • Blend Blend Blend. Blend foundation into your neck, and blend out any harsh lines with blush/contouring/etc.
  • Highlight of the Day. Highlighting and strobing are definitely trending. I think it looks amazing on the cheekbones and inner corners of the eyes, but go light on the nose and chin so you don’t look too shiny.
  • Lip Balm and Carry On. Get in the habit of applying lip balm before your photoshoot. Dry lips are hard to fix in Photoshop!
  • Lip Color. A lip color can give you much healthier appearance on camera. Since colors tend to fade, go for a shade just slightly darker than your natural lip color.  Matte or glossy? That’s totally up to you. Just bring the color along so you can reapply it if needed. I’d only go for a bold/dark color if that’s something you do in your everyday life. Now is probably not the best time to experiment with a new look! If you are going for a darker lip color, it needs to be applied carefully in line with your lips. Using a lip brush helps!
  • Lashing Out. Apply mascara as you normally would, to really open up those eyes! Curling lashes beforehand definitely helps. If you want to add falsies, be sure to practice beforehand. Lashes peeling off mid-shoot and glue getting in your eye is no fun. Most makeup artists recommend the individual lashes, if you’re patient enough to apply them!
  • Eyeliner. Eyeliner should be applied to the upper lash line, but not so thick that it blocks light from your eyes. You can also apply it to the lower lashes – a smudged line instead of a harsh one. If a winged cat-eye is your thing, and you feel confident in your skills, go for it!
  • Throw a Little Shade. If you want to add some eyeshadow, keep the colors natural. Pinks and browns look especially good on camera! A little shimmer is okay, but stay away from major sparkles/glitter.
  • Brows on Fleek. Brows can fade on camera, so definitely fill them in! You can check out this Brows 101 Guide, or see how I personally do my brows here. If nothing else, add a clear brow gel so your brows stay in place between outfit changes.
  • Setting Spray. Last but not least, finish off the look with a setting spray! This will keep your makeup in place on even the hottest summer days.

If you have questions, or would prefer to book a makeup artist, just let me know! I’m happy to help. xoxo

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