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Had an amazing time working with Audrey! She’s the perfect representative for Lakeridge and I’m so excited to share the images we got on our first shoot:

“I loved this photo shoot SOOO much! I was super nervous because I thought it would be awkward but it turned out to be something I will never forget. The venue Allegra suggested had EVERYTHING I was looking for and I loved all the pictures we took. Allegra made the shoot really fun and helped me pose to get the best picture. She definitely knows what she was doing and makes the experience so stress free. I also loved that my mom was there supporting me and jumped in a couple of pictures as well (always bring your mom on your senior shoot😄). She loved how sweet and considerate Allegra was when it came to taking photos. I was so happy with how the pictures came out and can’t wait to take more. Thank you so much Allegra, I will remember this forever!”Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0003Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0004Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0002Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0001Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0005Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0009Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0006Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0007Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0008Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0010Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0011Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0017Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0014Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0013Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0012Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0016Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0015Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0023Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0022Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0024Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0025Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0021Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0020Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0019Lakeridge Lake Oswego Senior Photos_0027

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So excited to share this session with my Tualatin Senior Rep, Camryn! I had the best time exploring with her and chatting about her passion for makeup. Here’s what she had to say about the shoot:

“I’m obsessed with the photos!! I was super nervous to take my senior photos because I thought it would be awkward posing in front of people, but Allegra made me feel so comfortable! Allegra picked an amazing spot and put in a lot of effort to make me look my best. She helped me pick poses and made sure the light and everything was perfect. Senior pictures to me are really important because it’s a time in your life you want to document and Allegra did an amazing job!”

Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0001Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0002Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0003Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0004Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0005Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0006Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0007Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0009Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0010Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0008Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0012Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0011Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0013Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0014Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0015Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0016Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0017Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0018Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0019Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0020Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0021Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0023Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0022Tualatin High School Senior Photos_0024To book your senior portrait session, shoot me an email!

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I had so much fun hanging out with Vici! She has such a contagious smile, and I think we were giggling through most of the shoot! Here’s what she had to say about our time together:

“Going into this photoshoot I was super nervous and scared but as soon as we started I couldn’t stop laughing. There is nobody else I would have chosen to take my photos! Allegra is the nicest and the most considerate photographer out there, she makes sure you’re comfortable and suggests poses you can do, so it’s totally stress-free! She even has a portable changing tent which is super convenient for your outfit options. When we saw the photos my mom and I loved it so so much and I’m looking forward for future shoots with Allegra!!! Thank you so so much Allegra ❤❤❤.”

Lakeridge Senior Photos_0033Lakeridge Senior Photos_0034Lakeridge Senior Photos_0035Lakeridge Senior Photos_0037Lakeridge Senior Photos_0036Lakeridge Senior Photos_0038Lakeridge Senior Photos_0039Lakeridge Senior Photos_0040Lakeridge Senior Photos_0041Lakeridge Senior Photos_0042Lakeridge Senior Photos_0043Lakeridge Senior Photos_0044Lakeridge Senior Photos_0045Lakeridge Senior Photos_0046Lakeridge Senior Photos_0047Lakeridge Senior Photos_0048Lakeridge Senior Photos_0049Lakeridge Senior Photos_0050Lakeridge Senior Photos_0052

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