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So excited to share Kendsy’s senior photos! I had a blast exploring on Sauvie Island with Kendsy and her mom, and I was so happy that we ended up with a dry day! Here’s what Kendsy had to say about our photoshoot:

“I kept thinking that taking my senior pics was going to be awkward but it wasn’t at all! It was so much fun with Allegra and she makes it feel super casual. She tells you how to pose and knows what look the best on camera. I love the way the photos turned out and I wouldn’t want to have anyone else take my pictures!”sunset senior photos portland_0008sunset senior photos portland_0006sunset senior photos portland_0007sunset senior photos portland_0009sunset senior photos portland_0005sunset senior photos portland_0004sunset senior photos portland_0003sunset senior photos portland_0002sunset senior photos portland_0001sunset senior photos portland_0010sunset senior photos portland_0012sunset senior photos portland_0011sunset senior photos portland_0013sunset senior photos portland_0016sunset senior photos portland_0015sunset senior photos portland_0018sunset senior photos portland_0017sunset senior photos portland_0024sunset senior photos portland_0022sunset senior photos portland_0023sunset senior photos portland_0019sunset senior photos portland_0020sunset senior photos portland_0021

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Lauren is such a cutie and I’m SO happy to have her as a 2018 Senior Model! Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“I cannot tell you just how lucky I am to be a representative for such an amazing photographer and person! Allegra made me feel so comfortable, and free to be myself while taking my senior pictures. She helped me to know what poses looked best for me, and made a genuine effort to get to know me as well. I had a blast taking the pictures, which turned out beautifully! The pictures capture every essence of light and happiness that mirror the laugh out loud, joyful experience I had with Allegra while taking them! A big thanks to Allegra, I cannot wait for what’s next!”jesuit senior photos portland_0003jesuit senior photos portland_0004jesuit senior photos portland_0001jesuit senior photos portland_0002jesuit senior photos portland_0005jesuit senior photos portland_0006jesuit senior photos portland_0007jesuit senior photos portland_0008jesuit senior photos portland_0009jesuit senior photos portland_0010jesuit senior photos portland_0011jesuit senior photos portland_0015jesuit senior photos portland_0016jesuit senior photos portland_0012jesuit senior photos portland_0013jesuit senior photos portland_0014

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Even with a super windy day, I still had an amazing shoot with Abbie! So excited to have her as a 2018 Senior Model!

“I had such a wonderful time during my Senior photo shoot with Allegra. She made me feel very comfortable and helped me pose all the photos! When I got them back I was so excited because I’ve never had photos taken of me before and they were absolutely stunning with so many different poses and variety throughout the photos!” -Abbie

west linn senior photos_0013west linn senior photos_0015west linn senior photos_0021west linn senior photos_0017west linn senior photos_0016west linn senior photos_0012west linn senior photos_0009west linn senior photos_0010west linn senior photos_0011west linn senior photos_0018west linn senior photos_0019west linn senior photos_0001west linn senior photos_0002west linn senior photos_0003west linn senior photos_0005west linn senior photos_0008west linn senior photos_0007west linn senior photos_0006west linn senior photos_0004west linn senior photos_0022west linn senior photos_0023west linn senior photos_0024west linn senior photos_0025west linn senior photos_0026west linn senior photos_0027west linn senior photos_0028west linn senior photos_0029

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Kicking off my 2018 Senior Model photoshoots with Jennifer from Lake Oswego! Here’s what she had to say about our shoot:

“Getting my pictures done for my senior year with Allegra was certainly something that I will never forget and strongly encourage others to do! Allegra makes you feel beautiful inside and out and she even poses you and has a changing tent for your different outfits which makes life a lot easier! The whole experience was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again as one of her senior reps. I am so incredibly happy with the final pictures, they are so beautifully taken and are just perfect!”
lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0003lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0005lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0004lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0001lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0002lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0007lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0006lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0008lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0010lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0012lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0013lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0014lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0015lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0016lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0017lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0018lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0020lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0021lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0019lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0022lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0023lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0026lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0025lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0024lake oswego senior photos jennifer_0027

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