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How to get Naturally Flawless Senior Photos

A question I often get is, “what will you retouch in my senior photos?” I’m all about natural beauty, and my number one goal is to capture photos where you look and feel like yourself. With that said, I still use photoshop to do a small amount of retouching.
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Here are some things that I’ll retouch:

  • Acne/Redness/Psoriasis/Etc. We all have the occasional pimple or issue with our skin! No need to remember those issues for all eternity in senior photos. It’s not a permanent part of you, so one click and it’s gone!
  • Bruises. So many of my seniors play sports and often arrive with a few bruises. Unless you want to keep your “battle scars,” I’ll probably retouch them out.
  • Tan lines. Summer is here, so bring on the tan lines! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here are some things that I WON’T retouch:

  • Freckles, beauty marks, moles. These things are a part of you and make you unique! I would never want to take those away.
  • Scars. Unless you specifically want them removed, I won’t touch them.
  • Eyes. I won’t photo-enhance eyes, but I will make sure we find the best light possible during our photoshoot.
  • Your body. I won’t photoshop your body, but I will help you pose to look your best!

Here are some things YOU can do to keep your photos #naturallyflawless:

  • Lips: Start getting in the habit of putting on chapstick before bed. You definitely don’t want dry lips in your photos!
  • Eyebrows: Eyebrows tend to fade on camera, so I definitely recommend filling them in. Eyebrow gel is a must, especially since eyebrows can easily get out of place during outfit changes.
  • Hands: Be sure to remove chipped nail polish, or schedule a manicure before your photoshoot!
  • Hair: We’ll probably be dealing with some wind, and the last thing you want is a ton of crazy fly-aways. Use products to keep your hair in place and frizz-free, or better yet book a hair stylist!
  • Makeup: Makeup for everyday is different than makeup for on-camera. I highly recommend booking a professional makeup artist, so you’re camera-ready but still look like yourself!
  • Outfits: Pick flattering outfits that you feel like yourself in. Don’t forget to wear proper undergarments so you don’t have bra straps sticking out or anything showing through. You can find more outfit tips here.

I hope you’re getting exciting for your photoshoot! There’s no need to stress, and if you have any questions I’m here for you. If you still need to book your photoshoot, email me at


PS. If you’re not sure about booking a makeup artist, read this.

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