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Senior Album Spotlight

Looking through my grandmother’s photo album is one of my favorite things. It’s filled with tiny black and white prints that look just like old movies. Last time I visited her, we went through every single page and I watched her light up as she remembered friends and travels from decades ago. For the first time, I noticed a page with her high school graduation photo, Class of 1940. It’s a closeup portrait with her hair perfect and her eyes bright. “You don’t get a photo taken like that very often” she told me, “so that’s something you remember.”

Nowadays, a good portrait can be taken by the thousands on your iPhone. But I still believe there’s something special about photo albums. Having your images printed, displayed proudly on a coffee table, and passed around the room when family and friends visit. It becomes more and more special as time goes on.

So today I wanted to spotlight my Senior Album. To me, this is one of those items that you just have to see in person. It’s handcrafted with linen and ultra-thick pages to show off your photos. The printing quality is insane, with crisp colors that pop off the page. Senior Album Allegra Villela

As an added bonus, when you purchase the album you also get a USB of all the retouched digitals from our photoshoot. That way you’re set for Instagram, but you also have something timeless and beautifully printed.

Key features:

  • Handcrafted linen cover with 15 color options
  • Ultra thick pages that will last a lifetime
  • Crisp colorful images
  • USB of digitals included as a bonus

This is a great option for families without much wall space, or those who know they want multiple images printed. It’s also a win-win for seniors who want to up their insta game, and parents who want prints. You’ll get to see a sample of the album at our Ordering Session, but if you have any questions (or still need to book your photoshoot), shoot me an email:


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