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Senior Styling Tips

After booking your shoot, it’s time to start planning outfits! You can pull from your closet, borrow from friends, or have a shopping spree. I want to make the process as easy and fun as possible, so here are a few tips:Cassie 56

1. Choose outfits that you feel like yourself in! I want you to feel confident & comfortable during the shoot.

2. Add interest to your outfits by mixing in jewelry, layers, & other accessories (scarves, hats, etc.). The little details can go a long way!

3. Solids & simple patterns work best. Stay away from overly-saturated (e.g. neon) colors & small or intricate patterns (e.g. tiny stripes) as these can be distracting.

4. Consider the setting (natural, urban, rustic, beach, etc.) when picking your outfits. For example, avoid stilettos or wearing too much green if you have requested a park setting.

5. Plan your outfits head-to-toe: that includes shoes for each outfit & any special undergarments you may need (strapless bra, tank tops, etc.). Try everything on beforehand!

6. Make sure you remove any chipped nail polish or treat yourself to a manicure before the shoot.

7. Organize and pack your outfits thoughtfully – having a bag or carrying your outfits on hangers definitely helps! I have a pop-up changing tent for easy changes on-the-go.

8. Most importantly, don’t stress! I’m here to help and I’ll do everything I can to make you look & feel your best. As always, you are welcome to email or call me with questions.


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