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Sofia | Central Catholic Senior Photos

Had a beautiful sunny day for Sofia’s senior photoshoot! Here are a few of my favorite shots and a little interview with the lovely Sofia:

Name: Sofia B
High school: Central Catholic

central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0005central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0003central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0004central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0002Favorite things to do:  travel, play tennis, hang out with friends, play the flute

central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0001central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0007central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0006Three words to describe yourself: hardworking, outgoing, loyal

central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0008central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0009central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0011What was the best part about having your senior photos taken? The best part of senior pictures was getting my hair and makeup done and then just having a lot of fun at the photoshoot. The photoshoot was super fun and relaxed.

central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0015central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0014central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0018central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0016central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0017central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0019How did you pick your outfits? Any advice to other seniors? I picked my outfits by just wearing clothes that I would usually wear when I am trying to look cute. I would say to not overthink your outfits and make sure it’s something you are comfortable in and are confident you look good.

central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0013central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0012central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0021central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0020What’s something you’ve accomplished during high school that you’re proud of? I’m proud of keeping up my GPA and challenging myself with hard classes all throughout high school.

central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0022central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0025central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0024central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0027Any plans for after graduation? I plan to go to college but I’m not sure where yet

central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0023central-catholic-senior-photos-portland_0029Thanks for sharing, Sofia! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your senior year! xoxo

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